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Hymn For The Missing Chords

Song: Hymn for the Missing
Artist: Red
Chords: Tyler
The other chord on here was really very close but it left some things out.
*CAPO 1ST FRET* Key: 4=four counts
For all sections, repeat as needed.

       4   4     4    4
Intro: Am, Am+G, Em7, C+A

       4   4  4  4
Verse: Am, G, F, C

4   4  4  4
Am, G, C, F
(on last repetition, replace F with Am)
(I do a C6 instead of C because I like how it sounds with the song but it's up to 
you. Most C variations sound cool.)

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Post Chorus:
Am, G (for the most part)

Piano Interlude: *The F#sus4 chord is as close as I could get. If you can figure 
it out, please let me know.
4    4  4  4
F#m, D, A, F#sus4*
(On last repetition, add G, C to the end of the phrase)

Reference: (I only tabbed chords I'd consider "intermediate".)

   Am+G     Em7     C+A    F#sus4    C6