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Best Is Yet To Come Chords

Song: Best Is Yet To Come
Artist: RED
Album: Until We Have Faces
Copyright Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Verse 1:
Am        C                  Am
Afraid it won't come 'round again
C                 Am
Afraid to move on
Am      C               Am
Wishing I could go back when
C              G                        F
Everything was easier and meaningful to me
Am      C             Am
Wanting all we left behind
C                    Am
Like it's the answer
Am     C                Am
An hourglass we can't rewind
C                G                            F
Holding back the life that I've denied for so long
Can I find my way to you

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C                             G
And after all that we've been through
And after all we left in pieces
Am                  G                   C
I still believe our lives have just begun
C                             G
'Cause now the past can be outrun
And I know you are the reason
Am                  G               C
I still believe the best is yet to come

Verse 2:
Am     C                 Am
A photograph still in my hands
C                Am
Afraid to let go
Am          C                   Am
The minutes rain like grains of sand
C                  G                                  F
And time is just a war that's stealing dreams from within
So come and take them back again

F       C    G
I won't turn around
And let it all slip away
Am                G
I'm never backing down
       C                    Am
'Cause tomorrow's a new day
    C              Am   F
And everything can change