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>From: (Roy M. Randall)
>Subject: CRD: Starry Eyes - The Records

recorded by The Records, 1979

|:A2   |E    |B5   |    :|

       A                                B                    E
While you were off in France we were stranded in the British Isles.
A                               B                 E
Left to fall apart amongst the passports and the files.
                    A      F#m                     B
We never asked for miracles, but there were often some.
                 A                B                       E
Did you really think we'd sit it out and wait for your return?
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                A     B                   E
I don't want to argue.  I ain't going to budge.
                     A           B                    E
Could you take this number down before you go off to judge?
                 A    B                    E
I don't want to argue, there's nothing to say.
                     A            B            E
Get me out of your starry eyes and be on your way.

While you were on the beach were you dreaming all about your share?
Planning to invest it all to cover wear and tear?
We paid for all the phone calls, and monies off the shelf.
Don't you know that while you're gone away I gotta help myself.

(chorus, + guitar solo)

While you were in the pool we were meeting with the boys upstairs.
Talking to the money man and carrying out repairs.
We had no time for cocktails, or working up a tan.
The boys have all been spoken to, the shit has hit the fan.

(chorus, w/ last line repeated.)

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