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These Tears Chords

Verse 1:
G          A            D
 I saw you talking to a friend of mine
Bm            G        A      D
  I asked him what you had to say
G             A             D
 You told him that I wasnít doing so good
C                         G
 I guess I couldnít argue either way

G             A        D
 Thereís no denying my misery
Bm           G            A      D
  I couldnít hide it if I wanted to
G             A          Bm
 You want the credit but canít you see
      Em    Em/F#  G    A   D
These tears donít fall for you

G  A  D    G  A  D
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Verse 2:
G        A                  D
 I got a lot of things that get me down
Bm            G        A       D
  And I donít waste my time on you
G           A            D
 It ainít a tough enough memory
C                     G
 To compare with what I been through


G      A           D         D - A - 
 These blues are a long time cominí
G      A        D        D - A -
 Saved up for a rainy day
G      A         D
 These tears are not yours falliní
C                     G      A    (D)    <--start of solo
 Theyíre coming from another place

Guitar Solo: (D) G  A  D  
                 G  A  D
                 G  A  Em  Em/F#  G  A  D

Chorus (2x)

Outro: G  A  D    G  A  D