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Route Around Tab

"Route Around"
Peace of Mind (2012)
Key of A Major
(sounds great down 3 halfsteps @ GbM)

A     F#m    G#m    C#m

try leaving the high e string open on the chords
sounds nice, adds a bit of contrast b/w verse and chorus



Verse 1
(Repeat intro x2)
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Lately I try to fall asleep but I struggle
I tell you you're the missing piece to my puzzle
4 am has got me more or less troubled
ooohhh what I would do with my lover and
all day, I share the memories
in sound waves, across the country to where
you lay, right on you side
no need to feel alone, not tonight because

Chorus x2
(Still playing intro lick)

We can try to find a route around    (a route around)
All my troubles fading out now
Time to pick it up now
Things are picking up now

Verse 2
(use the chords)

Some people say to fight for everything you  want
But all I need is food, water, air and love
And share the four things we love so very much
And show the world that less is enough because
Always, We'll stay grounded
in our own way
Control the tempo to where
We sway, right by my side
No need to feel alone
Not in life because

Chorus x2


Chorus x2


Despite using this website for a decade, this is the first tab I have ever contributed.
Spent a while on ableton slowing down the parts to get it all just right.
It's all good except the solo, sorry gotta get back to studying don't have time for that 
right now.
Hope everybody enjoys this dope song, and remember to 'share the four things we love so 
very much'