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Closer I Get Chords

This is my first tab!

Capo 3

Verse 1:
G              D                   Em
People say it just doesn't matter but
             C              G
The closer I get I'm giving in
I can't escape
             Em   C
Damn what a shame
G             D                Em
Listen to me just for a minute
          C                 G
I can be quick, no gimmick
         D                       Em C
I got a plan, you should live it

              G             D
The closer I get, I can't relate
                 Em              C
This ain't our place, let us go far, far away
G             D               Em
Find a new home, rules of our own
You and me both are the same
  G         D               Em           C
Try to be strong, baby come on now, come on
G              D
Lie after lie, so many times
Em                                 C
When I'm trying to find a peace of mind

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          G    D   Em           C
I've got love for you when the time gets rough
G              D             Em               C
When all the stress adds up and when you say I've had enough

Verse 2:
G                         D
Whatever happened to the good times
Em                      C
We should create for ourselves not rely on
G                    D
They'll never get a hold of me
Em                  C       G
Simple you see, simplicity yeah
             D            Em
The closer I get I can't relate
I can't escape
Oh, the pain
How they lie all the time
Em                                  C
when I'm trying to find a peace of mind

C               G   D  Em   
Yes I found my own way out
           C       G    C
I'm going all the way...
                 G    D   Em
Until the people all find out
              C       G    D
They're going all the way down...