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Forgive Me-Rebecca St. James

Em                             C
For all the times I failed you Lord
Forgive me 
Em                           C
For all the ways I've fallen short
C                G
Lord, Forgive me now 
G       C             G
God I'm so in need of grace
  Em           G
I fall upon my face
Forgive me now 

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(same chord positions as verse 1)

You see the tears fall down my face

Forgive me 

Take my fear Lord take my shame 

Lord forgive me now 

Purify me make me new 

like only you can do 

Forgive me now 

(same chord positions as verse 1 and 2)

Lord we come to honor you 

We are forgiven 

We bring our love and thanks to you

we are forgiven now 

God we praise you for your grace

Before you we are raised


That's it hope you like it