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Saturday Chords

Chords - E, A, C#m, B 
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[Intro: Spoken]
E                        A
Oh my god, I love this song
This is my jam
Where is the peanut butter?

[Verse 1]
E                           A
2 PM, getting out of my bed
C#m                                 B
Trying to get Friday out of my head
It's all so hazy
Got a little too crazy
C#m                     B
You know I'd do it all again

E                     A
Call everyone you know
C#m              B
Turn up the radio
Cause this is our song
We can do no wrong
C#m                    B
Are you ready, are you ready to go?
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E             A
This Saturday we're gonna party all night
C#m           B
One we will remember the rest of our lives
E             A                            C#m
This Saturday we're gonna do it bigger than we ever have before
B                                 E A C#m
I don't want this Saturday to end
B                                 E A C#m
I don't want this Saturday to end
B                                 E
I don't want this Saturday to end

[Interlude: Spoken]
E         A
(Hello?), Hey, come over
C#m                                                 B
(Alright, alright, I'll be right over. I just gotta find my pants.)

[Verse 2]
E                            A
Rolling up, I'm on the scene
C#m                           B
Want you here right next to me
Yeah, cause this is our night
Ain't got no deadlines
C#m                             B
There's nowhere else I'd rather be



[Bridge] [x2]
E             A      
Yesterday was Friday,
C#m      B
Today is Saturday
E                             A
We're gonna live like there's no tomorrow
C#m                  B
Wouldn't have it any other way