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Masquerade Chords

Reality Check
(c)1997 Ariose Music/ASCAP/Tom Collins Music/Gotee Music/Butter Hits/BMI
Tab by: Brian Germer 

**Use a dropped-D tuning for this one**

Intro:  D   B   C  G

Rap part:

1st time                                  2nd time
G-------------------------------------   G--------------------------------------|
D------------------------2h3----------   D--------------------------------------|
A------------------2h3----------------   A--------------------------------------|
D---0----3----5-----------------------   D---0----3----5--------3--2------------|
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Verse 1:  (no bass first two lines)  *for D, don't use the low D in the tuning*
D           B            C         G
D                  B               C                   G
D             B              C         G
D          B               A

G                       Bb
G                Bb               C          Bb   C

Rap part: play above riffs

Verse 2: just like the first except last line

D            B                   A       B

Chorus:  (first part)  this is a change up with bass only
E                  G             A

Then play the chorus like the first time

Ending:  D   B   C  G

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