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I Had A Heart Christmas Chords

        This is my first chords chart. is not 100% correct but its close enough. sorry 
ultomate guitar moves the chords. just listen and you should get it
        Intro: Bb, Db, F#, Db
I walk on this frozen lake,
Hoping to hit a spot that's weaker than I was,
A year a half ago.
I remember how Christmas used to be,
           Bb               Db
Before she spat me out.
    F#          Db
And left me to roam this empty place.
     Bb             Db           F#                       Db
If I ran to the city sub lights, I'd still feel dull and worn out.
Bb                       Db               F#
It's time to start over and move on.
   Db      Ab          Bb           Db
My grandma keeps going on about the New Year
F#                 Db           Ab   Bb
She says "you can't miss what you forget."

I'll spend the night slamming doors,
Smoking outside my grandparents house.
I thought Christmas was the time for us to feel loved.

I feel like no one understands me anymore.
Nothing is how it was last year.
But it's cold and lonely, just like before.


Bb        Db                      F#
I'll sit and wonder who she loves instead of me.
If she told me who it was,
Bb                  Db             F#       Db
I'm afraid it would rip my heart out
                 Bb    Db, F#, Db
For my family to see.
Bb              Db   F#      Db
At least they'd know I had a heart.
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