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Wonder Years Chords

Real Estate
Wonder Years

One of my favorite tunes by these guys.  Real easy to play. 

Note: Em7 as E|-3-|  *G/F# E|-3-|   D5 E|-0-|
             B|-3-|        B|-3-|      B|-3-|
             G|-0-|        G|-0-|      G|-2-|
             D|-2-|        D|-0-|      D|-0-|
             A|-2-|        A|-0-|      A|-0-|
             E|-0-|        E|-2-|      E|-0-|

Intro/Main riff: G  G/F#  Em7  D  D5  D
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G       G/F#         Em7   D      D5       D
I'm not trying to be cool, I only wanna be kind

G           G/F# Em7             D    D5     D
I know that I've pissed you off, baby better rewind

Em7                              D D5 D
But I'm not yours and you're not mine

G                               D D5 D
No I'm not OK but yes I'm doing fine

Jealous lovers left behind, wonder years passed me by
Far away but still on my mind, I think of you from time to time

And that's it!