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In The City Chords

E D E D A x 2

Verse 1
It’s a close one, a real close one,
E	  D	A	E
  But no-one gets hurt and she’s got twice the fun 
Now they kiss in the rain
E		D
  And did someone call out someone’s name
A	      E			D
From a white Cadillac on a white wind to a white dress
	E	D	A	E
Across the great divide into the warm and light
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The verses are all like that

			E	D
And I was looking for you
E		D	A
Looking for you
Looking for you in the city last night

Then more verses

Then there’s the chorus and the distortion comes in and the chords go weird they might
change to barre chords or power chords or something. The song goes faster but the chord
progression stays the same except at the very end where the chords are messy and I shan’t
tell you those because there are lots and they’re boring anyway.