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In The City Chords


Artist - Razorlight
Song - In The City
Album - Up All Night

Note - tab is not written to timing.

This is the wicked song from the Razorlight album, track 11.

It's basically three chords E, D & A repeated.  You'll need to put in a few 
sus4 chords every so often and also change to barred or power chords at the 
chorus.  The following are the basics of the song, you want more... sort it out.


Play chords slightly muted. Throw in the sus chords when u want.

   E    D    E    Dsus A  E   D   E   D A 

e--x----x----x----x----x--x                                  0
B--x----3----x----2h3--2--x                                  0
G--1----2----1----2----2--1        Repeat and end on open E  1
D--2----0----2----x----2--2                                  2
A--2----x----2----x----x--2                                  2
E--0----x----0----x----x--0                                  0

That's the sequence for the first verse 0.42seconds

"It's a close one, a real close one
No-one gets hurt but she's got twice the fun"

Right until

"Well now you know how it feels"


The same as the verses but arpeggiated with an electric playing the barre chords.

            E        D        E        D A
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/razorlight/in_the_city_crd.html ]
e-----------------------------------------                              x
B---------------9--------7--------9----7-5                              9
G-----------------9--------7--------9--7-6                              9
D-------------9--------7--------9------7-7  Repeat and end on barred E  9
A-----------7--------5--------7--------5-7                              7
E-----------------------------------------                              0

"But I was looking for you"

VERSE is exactly the same

CHORUS (drums and bass come in)

Just repeat E and D chords but as power chords with stacatto strumming, increase the tempo until BREAK

BREAK 1.57

Bang out an E power chord


Then use the same chords and sequence as the VERSE but play barred:

  [E5]  [D5]  [E5]  [D5 A5] then back to [E5] repeat eg:

G--9---7---9---7-x   back to E5 power chord


"Still i was looking..."

Just repeat E and D chords but as power chords with stacatto strumming, increase the tempo

haven't worked out the SOLO yet but if u wanna have a stab, go ahead.

the song finishes on an E.

That's about it really.  Just listen and work out the timing, it's a really simple song.

Big Love to 17Beresford BCNNNT