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Plowboy Chords

   This song is actually a true story of Ray and a doubting redneck.
The intro chords: Am7-G-D The Am7 is on the 1 (obviously)and the G on 3
                             and the D comes in slightly early on the
                             "and" before the next 1. (Upstroke)
                              Repeat twice before the verse entrance.

 the verses are sung in a talking style like Johnny Cash "boy named Sue".
        Am7                     G             D
  verse:  There's a lotta small towns in this world,
         Am7              G             D
          Just like the one that I came from.
        Am7                   G              D
          Where any dream you have is just a dream.
         Am7                          G           D
          It ain't nothin' that could truly be done.
         Am7                   G            D
          Well I'm gon' tell y'all a little story
         Am7              G           D
          'Bout the day I set out to leave.
        Am7                G                     D
          As I was loadin' up and sayin' my goodbyes
        Am7            G          D
          some redneck einstein said to me
         Am7               G                 D
          "Well I see ya' packed up your suitcase,
         Am7               G                  D
           And I seen ya' throw it in the truck.
         Am7                   G            D
           Headin' off to the big town are ya?
         Am7           G                 D
           Hmmph! Well son I wish ya' luck.
        Am7             G                    D
          Now I don't mean to bust your bubble...
        Am7             G                   D
          But boy, the way your thinkins' wrong.
        Am7              G                  D
          Go on out and chase that foolish dream of yours.  Heh!
         Am7          G               D
           You'll be back before too long.
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 Chorus:(changes a little more to singing style)
                      Am7      G           D
         'Cause you a plowboy! You ain't no city boy!
        Am7            G               D
          Wo you were born with dirty hands
                      Am7   G                 D
          Yeah you a plowboy and your thinkin' silly boy!
        Am7              G                D
          Just tryin' to make you understand.
         Am7               G                  D
  Verse 2: What you better do is put them overalls back on.
         Am7               G              D
           Go on out and fix that ol' barn door.
         Am7                    G                D
           Keep your far fetched fantasies to yo'self
         Am7                   G                   D
           And fetch a load of feed down at the country store.
         Am7               G          D
           Better yet, go on! Have at it.
         Am7            G             D
           Go see how high you can fly.
         Am7                 G                   D
           But you best be back when that green leaf comes in, boy!
         Am7                  G            D
           We gonna need your help come July!

 Repeat chorus and then play chorus chords 4 times without words and at the end of the 
measure play an E or E7 instead of D.
         Am7             G             D
Verse 3:   Well here I am a few years later.
         Am7                 G                D
           Sure come a long way from that old farm.
         Am7                 G                       D
           I got stocks and bonds and a house with a cement pond
         Am7              G            D
           Got a genuine rolex on my arm
         Am7                 G                    D
           Well I'd like to ask him what the taste of crow is like.
         Am7                 G               D
           See him face the fact that he was wrong.
         Am7                  G               D
           You see, I always knew where I was headed
         Am7              G                D
           But I never forgot where I was from... Yeeeeah..
                   Am7    G           D
 Chorus 2:  I'm a plowboy. I ain't no city boy
          Am7           G              D
            Whoa I was born with dirty hands.
                       Am7      G           D
            Look at me now, boy! Sho' is a pretty boy!
          Am7           G              D
            I could'nt make ya' understand
                         Am7      G              D
            Go milk that cow  boy! And that wood needs splittin' boy
         Am7                G               D
           And ya' best get back to bailin' hay!
                       Am7   G                D
           Yeah I'm a plowboy but now look whos' silly boy!
         Am7               G                D
           From now on be careful what you say... ya' hear?

         Continue with chords and fade