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Fly Like An Angel Chords

   Timing:  6

   Intro: C  G  D
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            G                                   D
     Verse: Go on and cry, tears are a shortcut  to healin'
                 G                                               D
        I don't need to ask why, your feelin' that pain that your feelin'
               G                     D
       There's only one reason you'd be here tonight,
            G          D           A
       He's up to his old tricks again.
          G                              D
         You're such a treasure, oh, it doesn't seem right
           G               D          A
        I don't know what comes over him.
                      D                                          G
  Chorus:  It's like takin' a bus with a Cadillac parked in the driveway.
                A                                                D
         or a thousand miles down a dirt road with a new 4 lane highway.
         It's like blowin' off Christmas with momma
         to have a drink with a stranger.
             C                                G
        Why crawl through a trance with the devil
        when you can fly with an angel?
           G                                             D
   Intro: Why you stay with him, girl I just don't understand.
                   G                                               D
         He's out searchin' for silver ignorin' that gold on your hand.
                 G                     D
        For the love of a woman he's throwin' away
         G              D           A
        most men would pay any price.
                   G                        D
       Should the eyes of temptation stare me in the face,
        G          D            A
       I'd never need to think twice.
   (Repeat Chorus)  After chorus, repeat last line of chorus(Yeah, why crawl
         through a trance...) Then end with the beginning intro:C G D