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Since Youve Been Gone Chords

The Rasmus - Since You've Been Gone

Intro : D#5 ; Bb5 ; A5 ; G5
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Verse :
G5                               (Bb5)  D#5
Since you`ve been gone Ive been alone 
G5                      D#5
Feeling untied and free 
G5                   (Bb5)   D#5
No more crying on the phone 
G5          (Bb5) D#5
No more slavery 
C5              D#5     F               D#5
And of the misery I`m breaking free 

Since youve been gone
                   Bb5      A5          G5
Things have come so clear to me 
D#5                                      Bb5           A5
Just wanna shout`cause Im able to breathe 
D#5 Bb5 A5                       G5        
Ohhhhh Since you`ve been gone 
                D#5   Bb5 A5
Ive been free