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Run To You Chords

Hi guys,

Here are the chords for "Run to You" by the Rasmus, taken from their latest album "Black 
(September, 2008). I don't have the time to tab properly the entire song, but the 
for the verse and chorus should be a good start:

"Run to You"

Intro: D5  E7  A7 Dm
       Bb5 C5  A7 Dm

Bm         F#m         G5                         G
Tomorrow’s taking me away from you like a jealous lover

Bm        F#m            G5                   G      
Kiss me one last time before I go down this broken road I follow
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Bm        F#m                G5              G       
You will leave me torn and sting me like a thorn from a dying rose

Bm          F#m               G                F#
The saddest scent of you will cling to me...I know


G5 A7  Dm     E7
I will run to you

A7                 D5
When my journey’s over

Bb       C
Wait for me

A7              Dm
Keep our love alive

D5       F       C
I will dream of you

A7               Dm
Till I reach the sun

           Bb     Gm      A7
Then I’ll turn around and run

To you...

Follow this progression...

Tabbed by Hristomir Stanev, requett@yahoo.com