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Days Chords

Its however, pretty easy when you have it once, I just took the guitar and there was it!

Am           G        Am
I knew that you would come
Am     G
I know you
Am         G    Am
Welcome to my kingdom 
Am             E                   F
Some days are cold like the ice in here

(the same as above)
You dont have to sleep at night

You dont have to

You dont have to close your eyes

Cause some days are dark like the nights in here

F           G
I get this feeling
F           G      Am
I get this feeling everytime
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I dont know I dont know what to do 
         Am                       (G)
where to go make it right can you stay for the night?
Days in a maze full of flames what to do
         Am                       G
where to go I dont know when the clouds fill the sky

Verse(same as before):
Keep staring at the sea keep staring
Theres so much misery for the tidal waves to wash away

Bridge and Chorus

Am                           E
Itīs something deeper itīs something to defend
Am                       E                  F
So lets pretend that the end is not comming yet

Time is not running yet into the shadows
Dm                     E
And we can be friends now and forever

Than Bridge and Chorus til end with..Am