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Summer Nights Chords

                    Rascal Flatts
                    Summer Nights
Intro:B, A, G, G, A, B, B, A, G, G, A, B, B, A, G,G, A, B, B, A, G,G, A,B
         B  A  G                 G  A  B
Come on ladies, It's time to pop that top
    B  A  G                      G  A  B
And fellas, I know you're ready to rock
         B A G  B    A       G
We went crazy, coped up all winter long
              G       A     B
And school is out so let's get it on
   B   A   G                                  G  A  B
Flip flop tan and some white sand I know the perfect spot

Well, the sunset better set soon so we can get in the mood
things start getting all heated up when it starts getting cool-yeah
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   B   A  G       G       A    B         B   A      G         
Summer nights everybody are you with me let that igloo coller mark your 
          G A B     B  A   B                  G     A   G         B  
piece of paradise, Summer nights everybody's feeling sexy holler if you're
  G        G  A   B             B A G B G A B B A G G A B
ready for summer nights  come on                          oh yeah,yeah

Now fellas, you better watch your step don't let those teeny french 

bikinies make you lose your breath back to the ladies Y'all keep doing 

Y'alls thing
guitar lick
B--10b--10b--10b--10b----|  meantime:B A G
   B      A  G                        G   A  B
cause everything about you makes me wanna scream
     G                    A              B           G         G         B
the sun is getting low, there it goes, here we go, here comes the moon when
                    A                 B
it starts getting heated up when it starts getting cool
        (repeat chorus)
 solo:F, G, A, F, G, A 
               G  A                                 B       G 
 oh it's a party down in Padre big bonfireh on the beach coronas in 
                     A                  B
Daytona, y'all well, it's wild and it's free
        (repeat chorus twice)
   B    A G     G    A  B     B     A      G         G         A      B
Yeah, yeah are you ready for some summer nights everybody's feeling sexy 
  B  A  G     G,A,B,B,A,G x10
summer nights