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Still Feels Good Chords

Note: Bar Chords Sound Best

That old t-shirt you wear to bed
Hangin' off your shoulder by a thread
E  (Open E)
The one you ripped off me when we first met
E - B  E - B  (Bar E's)
Still feels good

That old familiar song blarin' from my car
We know every note, every word by heart
E  (Open E)
Puts a smile on your face 'cause you know it's ours
E - B  E - B  (Bar E's)
And it still feels good
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E - B        A
Your fingers hooked around
My belt loops
E - B      A
Leanin' up against
My ride
E - B    A
Remember that first time
I touched you
It doesn't matter-I've held you a
A              B
Million times

B  A  E  E - B  E - B

Basically, it repeats from there. The chords played during the solo are the same as the 
above. E-mail me if there's anything wrong with the chords at; gamepro54@hotmail.com

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