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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 02:43:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Richard W Cyr 
Subject: PRO: North Country(Rankin Family)

Title:  North Country(Jimmy Rankin-EMI CANADA)
The Rankin Family
Transcribed by Richard W. Cyr(rcyr@uoguelph.ca)

				North Country		Rankin Family
[Capo- fret 3]

[G]I'm heading back to the North Country
With the [F]cold wind [C]in my [G]eyes
[G]I'll be there by sunset
[F]Before the [C]first snow [G]flies - [C,D]
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Chorus 1:	[F]Rustle the leaves on the [C]ground
		[C]This crazy feelin' hangin' [G]round - [C,G]
		[F]I'll be remember now and [C]then
		[Am]But don't ask when [Em]I'll be back a[F]gain - [C]-[G]

[G]Had this dream late one night
'Bout [F]working with the [C]gang at the Mull [G]River drive
[G]Danny, me and Freddy Wright making [F]a dollar a [C]day
Just to stay [G]alive. - [C,G]

Chorus 2:	[F]Rustle the leaves on the [C]ground
		[C]Cold hard rain comin [G]down - [C,G]
		[F]Sleeping there on the dark damp [C]earth
		[Am]For what it's worth, [Em]no reason can be [F]found-[C]
		No, it can't be[G] found

[G]So if you're passing through the North Country
With the [F]sunset in [C]your [G]eyes
[G]You may find me on the rocky shore
[F]Of that [C]lonely [G]Isle. - [C,G]

Chorus 2

[G]I'm heading back to the North Country
With the [F]cold wind in [C]my [G]eyes
[G]I'll be there by sunset
[F]Before the [C]first snow [G]flies - [C,G]

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
....I'll be back again