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40 Days And Nights Chords

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From CRAWFORD_JOHN_WE@msn.com Fri Apr 18 10:37:45 1997
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 97 04:08:56 UT
From: John Crawford 

40 Days & Nights,
Jimmy Rankin,CD Rankin Family,Endless Season,EMI
Key of  C, Recorded in the Key of F, capa on fret 5
Submitted by John Crawford.

C		 		G			Am			      F
Now after all this time			your standing at my door
C				  G			Am				F
Just when I cleared my mind     	your coming back for more
C					G		Am			  F
Well it doesn't work that way   	you see I'm over you
C			       		G  	F		    		C
And now,there's nothin left to say 	just find someone new
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********************     Chorus    *****************************
G			       	Am			  C
40 days and 40 nights	 the rain came pouring down
G			      	Am		 	F
40 day and 40 nights 	no dry land to be found
G		    	 		F		C	Am
Torrents of rushing water, birds in endless flight
G			D		C   F		   Am		C
Your nowhere to found,  	40 days and nights
Oh I, remember when                everything was fine
When I look back again             they were such happy times
But you,  had to go and change     made everybody blue
Now the stories been rearranged    so find someone new

************************* repeat chorus
Am					G		F	C	C	C
Well I gotta go, see I'm real short of 	time
Am							F			G	F	G
It would be nice I know, but see I've read between the li----nes

And hey, don't you look so sad     it wasn't easy for me too
And worry, it's not that bad       to find someone new

**** repeat chorus