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Runaway Train Chords

Copyright: Wesley Rykse
Artist: Randy Travis
Song: Runaway Train

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CAPO on 1st fret.

Intro: G D A C E7

Verse 1

Lady our love is, our love is like a runaway train

Lady It Won't Stop, Won't stop, or slow down for anything

And the sunshines, sunshines over the pourin' rain

Lady our love is, our love is like a runaway train

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D                         A             C                E7
Lady our love reminds me, reminds me of a runaway train. 

2nd verse same as first verse.


Our love is red hot nonstop all the way to the top

now that i've been in the middle of this thing 

ain't no, way i'm, ever gonna go back.

I've seen everything i've been everywhere,

I didn't need nothing that I want back there,

So come on baby let's move this thing a little farther down the track

and just play that for every chorus and verse throughout the whole song and you'll get it down.