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Superman Chords

By Randy Rogers

Capo 3

C                                        F
We sat and talked last night like it had been a year
C                            G 
The whole time I wondered if you were really here
C                             F
Things left unsaid could have filled a book
     C                             G    ss
It's funny how you capture me with just one little look||

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F              G            C  
I just want to be your superman 
F   G             C
and save you everyday
F           G      C   C/B     Am
But I can't be too familiar anymore
  F                   G           C 
I guess it's time for me to walk away

It was late in the evening when you stopped by
I could tell you had changed by the look in your eyes
I tried so hard to say the right thing
So if I'm losing you, there is only me to blame


F                      C
But I know you'll be a shining star
F                 C
In someone else's sky
Am                F               G
And I'll remember all the times I held on to you and kept the dream alive