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Somebody Take Me Home Chords

A Dbm D

(Verse 1)
A         Dbm     D
Same old bedroom floor
Some old empty sheets
I hate this haunted bed
So down here is where I sleep

(Verse 2)
I tried to find a place
To hide what you had left
Somethings never change
My heart hasn't yet

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E             F#m       D
I don't wanna go out tonight
         A            E
Yeah but I can't be alone
             F#m                        D
Standing underneath this broke street light
        E             F#m
Can somebody take me home
Somebody take me home

(Verse 3)
The hope that we had left
I wrapped around your ring
That river just rolled on by
When I watched it sink


Out of this bar, out of this heartache
F#m                                      E
Out of this world, I just keep breaking down
I keep breaking down


A Dbm D