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One Woman Chords

Tabbed by Gabriel Azar

Key: G Major
Tuning: Standard EADGBE


Am G (4x)


Am             G
I don't need empty love words
Am       G
comin' from somebody
Am             G                D
that'll never love me like you do
Am                G
I don't need to feel the warm touch
Am        G
from somebody else 'cuz
C         Bm                 Am
no other touch could be this true
C	  Bm		     Am
they can't reach me 'cuz I'm tied to

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/randy_rogers_band/one_woman_crd.html ]
G          D
One woman, you for me
Em            C
I know that you're all I ever need 
G        D
forever beside you,
Em                  C              [G  D  Em C] (2x)
spendin' my life, lovin' one woman  

Everything about you
inside and out is perfect
over the edge, I always fall
Every time I see you,
the way I feel reminds me
the world I knew just seemed so small
'cuz now with you I have it all


Em               Bm
Back when I was selfish
C                   D
I thought I needed more
Em		Bm
but that road led me nowhere
C		D
and I closed that door, now I live for