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Street Life Chords

This is Street life by Randy Crawford and the Crusaders. I start the chords with the 
interlude just before the first chorus. Hope this Helps:
{Suggested Voice: Electric Piano ((E. Piano))}

Intro: (Horn Interlude)

Bb/C  B/Db  Db/Eb  D/E

Chorus Intro:

Fm7  Bbm7  Fm7  Bbm7

            Fm7                        Bbm7
I play the street life, because there's no place I can go
  Cm7                Fm7
Street life, Its the only life I know.
  Fm7                        Bbm7
Street Life, and there's a thousand cards to play,
   Cm7                   Fm7
Street Life, untill you play your life away.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/randy_crawford/street_life_crd.html ]
    Bbm7          Db/Eb        Cm7        F7#9
You let the people see, just who you wanna be,
    Bbm7           Db/Eb        Abmaj7
And everynight you shine, just like a superstar.
    Abm7               B/Db        F#maj7       Gm7b5
The type of life that's played, a temptin' masquerade
     Bbm7             Db/Eb        Abmaj7
You dress you walk you talk, You're who you think you are.

(Repeat chords for first verse using the following lyrics)

Street life, You can run away from time,
Street life, For a nickel, or a dime,
Street life, But you better not get old,
Street life, Or you're gonna feel the cold.

(Repeat Verse chords)

There's always love for sale
A grown up fairy tale
Prince charming always smiles
Behind a silver spoon
And if you keep it young
Your song is always sung
Your love will pay your way beneath the silver moon

Hope you like it. If you have any questions or compliments please feel free to e-mail me