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One Day Ill Fly Away Chords

One Day I'll Fly Away
Written by Joe Sample (Music) and Will Jennings (lyrics). As performed by Randy Crawford
First upload in a LONG time. Had a rough time finding this, so I figured it
out myself. Jazz chords aren't very friendly, thanks to Joe Sample, but you
have to play this song at least once in your life and it shouldn't be the
terrible version that Chordify generates.
I'm admittedly struggling to get the bridge quite right (i.e. the Post Chorus) so 
feedback for correction is welcomed.
Please note that the chords and structure of the song is significantly different to the 
Moulin Rouge!/Nicole Kidman iteration, but it's still a fair start. This is the true, 
full version, and in my opinion, the better one.
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D [ch]Gm/D[/ch]      D
I make it alone
[ch]Gm6/D[/ch] Em7/D  D
When love is gone
D         [ch]Gm/D[/ch]      D
Still you made your mark
[ch]Gm6/D[/ch]   Em7/D  D
Here in my heart

D            [ch]Gm/D[/ch]  D
One day I'll fly away
B7sus4     Bm7     Em7        A7(sus4)
Leave your love to yesterday
Dm            Dm/C      Gsus4      Gm7
What more can your love do for me
Csus4 C    Cdim  C  [ch]Bbm/F[/ch]        F
When  will love  be through with me?

Verse 2:
I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I begin
My life again


Dm            Dm/C      Gsus4      Gm7
Why live life from dream to dream
Csus4 C   Cdim C       A7/C#       F
And dread the day that dreaming ends

Instrumental (Verse chords)

D            [ch]Gm/D[/ch]  D   [ch]Gm/D[/ch]  D   [ch]Gm/D[/ch]  D
One day i'll fly away, fly away, fly away