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Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 12:18:12 -0500 (CDT)
From: Marvin Peiken 
Subject: Rancid (Roots Radicals correction)

When I first tabbed this, I did it from an early version of it that was
released as an addition to Let's Go.  The version that is on "Wolves" is
almost the same, except that all the chords are 1/2 step higher.  Here
are the lyrics:

Roots Radicals:
(off of "And out come the wolves"

Took the 60 bus out of downtown Campbell,
Ben Zanotto he was on there
He was waiting for me.
All the punk rockers and the moon stompers,
Are out on the corner where they're sparing for change.
I started thinkin'
You know I started drinkin'
I don't remember too much of that day.
Something struck me funny when we ran out of money,
Where do you go now when your only 15?

With the music exectution and the talk of revolution
It bleeds in me...And it goes-

Give em the boot,
The roots, the radicals.
Give em the boot,
You know I'm a radical.
Give em the boot,
The roots the reggae on my stereo.
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The radio was playin'
Desmon Dekker was singin'
On the 43'd bus as we climb up the hill.
Nothing incomin' but the reggae drummin'
And we all come from unloving homes.
Why even bother,
I pick up the bottle.
Hey Mr. Bus driver let these people on.
Rude girl Carol was a mini-skirt girl,
My blurry vision saw nothing wrong.

From: pike@merle.acns.nwu.edu

"Roots Radical"  -  Rancid

I don't have time (or know) the lyrics of this song for posting, but the guitar part won't
be hard to figure out if you play it with the CD.

(1'st verse is sharp and each chord is heard.  The rest are played all down-stroke, punk

C C     F F   G  F  C C
Took the 6'th street bus... (?)
(The rest of the verses are also all C  F G  F C)

Lead in to Chorus:
G------  F------  D--------
(No idea of the lyrics)

C                          F             G
Give 'em the boot, the roots, the radicals...
C		     F	        G
Give 'em the boot, you know I'm a radical
C                          F             G
Give 'em the boot, (?)
C	   G-G-G-G
...My stereo.

During the "yeah, yeah" part, it is an F barre chord (2'nd family) played at the 8'th fret.
The little riff can be improvised out of a blues scale also at the 8'th fret.  At the end of the
bridge (the word "yeah" is screamed), the chord switches to a G chord (2'nd family)
played at the 10'th fret.

Outro is the same as the chorus.

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