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Olympia Wa Chords

Hey, I found the chords for this but a few of them were wrong so I'm just revamping the old one.
        [G]Hangin' out with Lars down on [C] 6th street
        He knew that I was in [G] trouble
        I was feeling much like the [D] devil
        There was something burning deep inside of [G] me
        Ran into three Puerto [C] Ricans
        These girls took us to the [G] funhouse
        Where we [D] played a lonely [G] pinball machine     [D]

        [C] Hangin on the [D]corner of [G] 52nd and [C] Broadway
        [C] Cars passin [D] by but [G] none of them seem to go [C] my way
        [C] New York [D] City -- Well I [G] wish I was on the [C] highway
        Ba[C][G]ck to Oly[D]mpia.
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