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Old Friend Tab

Artist: RANCID
album: ...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES (1995)
tabbed by: Koen Bussemaker (wierd name? This is DUTCH !)

This is one of the best ska songs from Rancid. There were no
complete tabs available on the net, so i decided to make my own.
It's my FIRST tab, and i didn't spent much time on it cause
i'm pretty lazy ^^ so don't spit  on me and tell me that I suck,
cause you'll be telling old news.

But anyway, have a lot of fun with this tab =)

Standard EADGBE tuning

>> play 2 times, with distortion

e| -------------------------------:-2--0-----2--0-----2--0-----2--0-|
b| ----------- [ 3x ] ------------:---------------------------------|
g| -------------------------------:---------------------------------|
d| ------4-----4--4--4--4--2------:---------------------------------|
a| ---------------------------4---:---------------------------------|
e| -------------------------------:---------------------------------|

and the other guitar plays these chords (ska strum pattern):
e| -2-------------5---------------:-5--------------7---------------|
b| -3-------------7---------------:-5--------------9---------------|
g| -4-------------7---------------:-6--------------9---------------|
d| -4-------------7---------------:-7--------------9---------------|
a| -2-------------5---------------:-7--------------7---------------|
e| -------------------------------:-5------------------------------|

Chorus (ska strum pattern)
>> play 4 times

e| -5-----7-----9-----5-----|
b| -5-----9-----10----7-----|
g| -6-----9-----11----7-----|
d| -7-----9-----11----7-----|
a| -7-----7-----9-----5-----|
e| -5-----------------------|
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rancid/old_friend_tab.html ]
a little note: I know rancid has 2 guitarists, but my band has
only one (me, duh). So i combined the little melodic thing and the
ska chords. It resulted in this, it sounds pretty good:

e| --------------------------------------------|
b| -x-10-x-10-x-9--x-9--x-7--x-7--7-----7------|
g| -x-9--x-9--x-9--x-9--x-6--x-6-----7-----7---|
d| -x-7--x-7--x-9--x-9--x-4--x-4---------------|
a| -----------x-7--x-7-------------------------|
e| --------------------------------------------|

Bridge Part 1 , add a small amount of distorion
>> play 4 times
e| ---------------------------------|
b| ---------------------------------|
g| --------------------------7~-----|
d| -7~-----2~----------4~----7~-----|
a| -7~-----2~----------4~----5~-----|
e| -5~-----0~----------2~-----------|

Bridge Part 2 - solo, with distortion. I think Tim is using his slide tube.
>> the other guitar plays the same chords as in the chorus
e| -/5-5-5-/5-5-5-/5-5-5---8---8---8----|
b| -/5-5-5-/5-5-5-/5-5-5---7---7---7----|
g| -------------------------------------|

e| -/5-5-5-/5-5-5-/5-5-5-8---7---6------|
b| -/5-5-5-/5-5-5-/5-5-5---7---7-5------|
g| -------------------------------------|

e| -/5-5-5-/5-5-5-/5-5-8--8--8--8--8--8-|
b| -/5-5-5-/5-5-5-/5-5-7--7--7--7--7--7-|
g| -------------------------------------|

e| -/5-5-8---7-----------8---7----------------|
b| -/5-5---7---7-----------7---7--------------|
g| ---------------7--5------------7--5-7p5----|
d| ----------------------------------------7--|
...oh and sorry if it isn't that correct, but it's getting late and i'm pretty lazy =)

Ending - the powerchords with distortion at the end
e| -----------------------------|
b| -----------------------------|
g| ---------------------7~------|
d| -7~-----2~-----4~----7~----7-|
a| -7~-----2~-----4~----5~----7-|
e| -5~-----0~-----2~----------5-|

-Brigde part 1
-Brigde part 2
-verse + Ending

Well that's it folks, enjoy it !

Comments, suggestions, hatemail whatever please sent it to Koen_bussemaker@hotmail.com