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Dead Bodies Chords

this is my favorite record by rancid, and its not my favorite song of the album 
but i thought id tab it anyway

bass intro:


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D  A       A#     G
Disfigured and oblique
D         A       A#     G
From the appetite that I seek
D      A       A#     G
I'm a hungry cannibal
D     A       A#     G
I'm a rabid animal
My remains are being scattered
I've been bludgeoned, I'm in pain
Stomach pains are coming
And they strike with demon speed

Dead bodies everywhere
Piles of blood, entrails and hair
A#                    G
I'm bleeding from the inside
From the armageddon outside

Reaccuring rotting dreams
From this place the demons speak
My skin exfoliates
My patience terminates
Unfold to unholy urges
Unearthed with urgency
The holocaust was nothing
Compared to my lividity


In this oblong box that's eating you
There's nothing you can do

A#  G      D      D  E  F 
      Dead Bodies!
A#  G      D      D  E  F 
      Dead Bodies!
A#  G      D      D  E  F 
      Dead Bodies!

A#  G  D

See ya in the pit.....