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Take It As It Comes Chords

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From: Glen Norman Pavan 

artist:  Ramones
title:  Take It As It Comes
album:  Mondo Bizarro
key:  C/a
tuning:  standard  E A D G

(starts with Joey Ramone inhaling)


     (D)Time to (F)live (C)time to (D)lie
     (D)Time to (F)laugh (C)time to (D)die

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     (G)Take it (D#)easy (D)baby
     (G)Take it (D#)as it (D)comes
     (G)Don't (D#)move too (D)fast if you
     (G)want your (D#)love to (D)last you've been
     (G)moving (D#)much too (D)fast
     (G)  (D#)  (D)  four more times

second verse

     Time to walk, time to run
     Time to aim your arrows at the sun

repeat chorus

the second time, leave out the last (G) to perform A BASS SOLO!!!!
and this sucker's quick, too!!!

D--5-------5-8---4-7-----7-5-| G)Moving (D#)much too (D)fast
    (G)Moving (D#)much too (G)fast

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