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The Wind In The Willows Chords

Bb              Cm           Bb        Cm
The wind in the willows sang softly to me
Bb        Dm        Bbsus4
Follow my voice wherever it leads
Bb                    Cm          Bb           Eb
Through mountains and valleys and deep rolling seas
Bb          Cm         Bbsus4  Bb
Born on the wings of the breeze
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Bb        Cm          Bb         Cm
Spin me a dream woven silver and gold
Bb              Dm          Bbsus4
Of sunshine and shadows and days long ago
Bb               Cm           Bb      Eb
Where people are memories and stories unfold
Bb          Cm           Dsus4  D
Willows the tales you have told me

Gm                      Dm
Wind in the willows you just seem to know
Gm                      F
Who you can turn to and which way to go
Cm             F
To unwind your wondrous mind
Bb          Cm             Bbsus4 Bb
Wind in the willows take me home