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Streets Of London Chords

Here is my interpretation of Ralph McTell's 1966 hit 'Streets of London', enjoy:

                 By Adam Marshall   28th September 2005

      D                 A/C#                Bm                F#m 
1)  Have you seen the old  man    in  the closed   down      mar  -  ket,
      G                  D                       E7          A 
    kick-ing  up  the  pa- pers    with  his   worn   out    shoes?

      D                  A/C#              Bm                   F#m
    In  his  eyes  you  see no  pride,    hand held loose - ly by his side-
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    G                    D                   A7                       D
       Yes- ter- day's  pa-per   tell-ing  yes   -   ter-day's news-   

         G           F#m                 A      A#dim    Bm   Bm7/A  E7/G#
    So how  can  you tell me   you're  lone-           ly  

                                 A7                      D
    and say that the sun don't   shine                 Let me take-  you  

     A/C#                 Bm                         F#m              G 
    by the hand-     and lead you through   the  streets of Lon-don.      

                     D            A7                      D             D
    I'll show you some-thing  to make you change   your mind.         mind.