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Steppin Out Chords

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                             "Steppin' Out"
                      (Mark Lindsay - Paul Revere)

Intro [2X]:

	fuzz guitar:

	(Ab)   Bb                            Ab
	 v     v   v   v   v     v   v     v   v

	          (2nd time: yay-yeah!)

Verse 1: (repeat intro riff at end of each line, transposed as necessary)

	 Ab      Bb                                           Ab  Bb
	Well, I had to leave town because of Uncle Sam's deal
	 Ab      Bb                                       Ab  Bb
	Well, I guess my good lovin' done lost its appeal
	   Db        Eb                                    Db  Eb
	Because when I come back I heard the bad, bad news
	     Ab      Bb                                  Ab  Bb
	They say our big romance has been gettin' abused


	Owww, tell me true
	Don't lie to me
	              C7/E                 F7                Ab     Bb
	Have you been step-step-step-step-step-step-steppin' out on me

Link 1 (w/intro riff):

	(Bb)                                           Ab     Bb
	I got ways of findin' out  (you been steppin' out on me)
	Do me dirt and I'll give you a piece of my mind

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	I told you once, I told you twice
	Stop your cattin' around or else I'll put you on ice
	I'm tellin' you, baby, what I want you to do
	           C                        F
	Stop your messin' 'round, I oughta step on you
	Hey!  Hey!  Hey! Hey! Hey!  (w/echo)

Verse 2:

	If I can't be your one and only man
	Well, I'm goin' to your daddy 'n' give him back your hand
	Then I'll call the preacher, tell the choir stay home
	I guess you're just the kind of woman that's just bound to roam

[repeat chorus]

Link 2 (w/intro riff):

	(Bb)                                     Ab     Bb
	Tell the truth, child (you been steppin' out on me)
	                                            Ab     Bb
	I gotta know in my heart (you been steppin' out on me)
	                                                         Ab     Bb
	I'm gonna check with all your friends (you been steppin' out on me)
	                                                    Ab     Bb
	They'll tell me the truth, honey (you been steppin' out on me)


	[double-time feel]

	sustained organ chords; repeat to end

	Bb             Ab
	/ / / /  / / / /

	(ranted):  Yeah, I'm gonna check - then I'm gonna start steppin'
	out on YOU!  You been out runnin' around in that little red
	wagon of yours, and seein' all them cats - the preacher's son,
	the iceman... you been steppin' out with the COBBLER!  Yeah, I
	know you been - you been doin' all the nightclubs in town... I
	ain't seen a woman in SIXTY-NIIIINE years and I'm gettin' tired
	of it!  Yeah, I gotta finish steppin' around... I'm gonna send
	you into the wings!  And I gotta get some good, good lovin...
	and I been away too long!  I'll start steppin' out, goin' up one
	side of this town and down the other... I'll do every nightspot
	in town, play that music, get that good good lovin, do all them
	things - that's what I'm gonna do!  [fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers