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The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tab

Band : Rage Against The Machine
Song : The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Album : Renegades

Tabbed By Guitarmongol90

Contact me on AIM at : Antiflag618

Drop D Tuning : DADGBE (lowest to highest)

(Random picking at the start, gradually get louder)

Intro/Chorus section
|---5-3-0-------3--0-3-|         (do this section 3X, then let 0 on D ring)

Verse Section
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rage_against_the_machine/the_ghost_of_tom_joad_tab.html ]
|----------------------|       (x17) (let 0 ring then palm mute the rest)

2ND Part Of Chorus


Then just do this D--X a bunch of times,
and then play the chorus....

well im done