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Take The Power Back Bass Tab

Take the power back
rage against the machine
Corrections by Jesse

This is the best song on the CD and it was really hard to find a tab that was 
right. This one was really close. I have made 3 corrections on the variant 
But most of the credit goes to lizardman and r. allen canterbury. Thankx 
It really helped me out. Try out the corrections and let me know what u think.

lizardman wrote...

tab by lizardman

drop d tuning. the slap riff is tricky. use both your middle finger and index 
finger to make it doable. for the second hit on the higher "d" its up to you. 
you can try to hammer it really hard, pop it out quick, pull off from the 3rd 
fret, or hit the "a" string with one of your plucking fingers. its a 4 bar 
rotation with the last time open for variation. ive tried to get them as 
close to the recording as possible but feel free to do your own thing. in the 
song structure the variant order is noted beside ease verse. each hyphen 
usually represents a 16th note. and props to r. allen canterbury for the 
hammeron trill on fig d. couldnt hear that at first.

         intro 1                 intro 2

alternate fingering



[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rage_against_the_machine/take_the_power_back_btab.html ]
variant bars              *CORRECTION*
 |-----------------| |--------------5h6h7--| |----------------|
 |----3h5x-5x3-4-5-| |----3h5x-------------| |-----555\-------|
 |0-0--------------| |0-0------------------| |0-0-------------|

                        *CORRECTION*            *CORRECTION*
 |--------5h7x-----| |---------------------| |----------------------| 
 |----3h5x----3-4-5| |----3h5x--5---4---3--| |---------------0h3----|
 |0-0--------------| |0-0-----X---X---X----| |------------------5p3-|
                              S P S P S P     P     P P   P S   S
 |----xxxxxxxxxxxx|                        S= slap with thumb
 |0-0-xxxxxxxxxxxx|                        P= pop with middle finger

chorus                            lead in


 fig a             fig b             fig c


   fig d                                 ending


song structure:                 notations:
4 measures rest                |--|= bar lines
intro 1------4x                   h= hammer on           
intro 2------4x                   x= ghost note
slap verse---6x AABAAC            \= slide down
chorus-------3x                   p= pull off
lead in------1x                  {}= triplets
fig a--------4x
slap verse---2x DC
lead in------1x
pluck verse--1x A 
slap verse---4x BEFG
fig b--------6x
fig a--------8x
slap verse---2x AC
lead in------1x
fig c-------16x
fig d--------6x