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A Fine Line
By Radney Foster

          G                     D
There's a curve in the highway, just south of town
        Em                     C
Where a man has pulled over to figure life out
     G                           D
With only his conscience and the lonesome sound
Of diesels winding up grade
           G                  D
He's got a wife and two kids, they love him so
           Em                               C
He's got a woman down in Georgia, and she's startin' to show
     G                                 D
He's damned if he leaves her, and he's sure damned if he don'tes
And he wonders how life got this way
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             D    G    C                    D
Cause it's a fine line in between right and wrong
                G                  C              D
Yeah, he's been crossing over that border way too long
            Em                    D              G
He should'a seen it coming at him right from the start
          C                             D      G 
Now there ainít no escape from a broken heart

Now the call of the highway is a powerful thing
Like the pull of a lover, or a child in a swing
Gave his heart to two women, only one wears his ring
They're both gonna have his babies now
So how do you confess what words don't explain
He never intended to cause this much pain
Now he feels like a farmer who went praying for the rain
Got more than he bargained from the clouds


Bm                                    C
He'll turn his car around tonight, go home and try to face the truth
Am          G                               F#m                  D
Everyone involved's getting hurt, now there ainít nothing he can do