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Wonderwall Chords

Song:   Wonderwall
Artist: Radiohead
Album:  Towering Above The Rest (DISC 9)

These are the chords for Radiohead's B-Side Cover of this song.

CAPO on 2nd fret

Em/D        - 022033
G           - 320033
Gsus2       - xx0233
Gsus2/E     - x02033
Gsus2/E(2)  - x02233
Gsus4/E     - x32033
A/G#        - 2x0033

INTRO: Em/D, G, Gsus2, Gsus2/E X2

Verse 1:

Em/D     G
Today is gonna be the day that they're 

Gsus2                  Gsus2/E
gonna throw it back to you

Em/D       G
By now you should've realized 
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Gsus2         Gsus2/E
what you gotta do

Em/D                 G
I don't believe that anybody 

Gsus2           Gsus2/E
feels the way I do 

          Gsus4/E, Gsus2, Gsus2/E
About you now


And all the roads that 

Gsus2           Em/D
lead to you are winding

And all the lights that 

Gsus2             Em/D
lead us there are blinding

Gsus4/E        Gsus2
There are many ways that I 
      G       A/G#   Em/D
Would like to sing to you, 

      Gsus2      Gsus2/E(2)
but I don't know how