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Polyethylene Chords

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From: starla iha []
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 1998 3:22 PM
To: A.Morse; olga
Subject: Polyethylene Pt.1 TAB

Song: Polyethylene Pt.1
CD: Paranoid Android CD1
Band: Radiohead

This is a really beautiful song from the Paranoid Android
single. I used the chords submitted by J-P
( and put them to
the lyrics. It probably isn't exactly right but if you see any total mistakes
please tell me!! It sounds best played on an acoustic!
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Chords Used:
Bm: 224432
A: 002220
G: 320033
D: xx0232
Em: 022000
F#m: 244222
Each chord is randomly picked.

Bm A G D Em F#m
Disjointed, scare ourselves of all that you wanna be
Bm A G D Em F#m
Just got paid and now you're going, how long should you be
Bm A G D Em F#m
If I get scared I'll just call you
Bm A G D Em F#m
And I'll miss you glow as I unsettle
Bm A G D Em F#m (no chord)
Oh and I'll always feel as I will always be
I think this sounds o.k but as I've said before tell me if you see any completely
bad mistakes!!!!! My e-mail is or
Please visit my website!!!