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Along The Road Chords

Bb               Eb               Bb
There, along the road, was a tiny home

    Gm             F		       Eb
The yard held dead machines behind its fences

Like they were it's kids

       Eb                             F
Broken down, but still worth a lot to someone

   Gm               Eb
It made me stop and grin

Bb                 Eb
Light from a dying moon

It blurs our eyes

       Gm             F
And we wear a cape of fireflies

    Eb                   Bb
And after the world's in bed

All the ghosts come sing along

But we'll forget them
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Gm               Eb
When the morning comes

Bb Eb Bb Gm F Eb Bb Eb F Gm Eb

      Bb           Eb         Bb
And I slept on the ocean last night

        Gm                   F                Eb
I could see you all, and you all were dancing sideways

Your feet stuck to the skies

            Eb                                  F
And I could see the airplanes dance behind your eyes

          Gm               Eb
And I was glad I found the time 

Bb Eb Bb Gm F Eb Bb Eb F Gm Eb

-Ben Malley