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Goddess Chords

			     Goddess - Radar Bros.
Tabbed by: Mmorg
Email: MrMmorg@gmail.com

After a while the song repeats itself and has minor permutations, but generally
speaking if you follow the chords with the lyrics you should be alright. It sounds
like the higher strings aren't hit at all but I wasn't sure. Experiment with it.
Also: Always slide between Am and Bm, and maybe even slide from Bm to E.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/radar_bros/goddess_crd.html ]
E  022100
E7 020100
A  577655
Am 577555
Bm 788777
C  x32010

E                           E7
You fell asleep beneath the choking dreams
                      A        Am  Bm
Underneath the burning tree
E                       E7
You say okay belong the wasted eye
                 A              Am Bm
I know you don't believe in me

Round and round I go
You twist my heart

You watch the race
How many cars can ride the wave
        Am           Bm
Haven't twisted for relations sake
(Am Bm) x3   Am