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Lose Another Day Tab

Racoon Ė Lose Another Day (Album: Another Day)

All strings are tuned down half a step (Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-eb). The main chords for the song 
A and G. The following tune is played throughout the song. Add a little variation of 
own to make it more interesting ;) Chords for the chorus are also included. Enjoy!

A     =x0222x
Gsus2 =32003x
Asus2 =x0220x
Bm    =x24432

    A        Gsus2  Asus2

LYRICS (guitar riff)

I guess the party is over now
The drinking stops tonight
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Itís been fun, but itís running late
Oh look at the damage done

Iíve got a tongue thatís thick and dry
My eyes are shattered

I got a mind all set on some kind of Zion
In peace, tomorrow we will lose another day

Yeah tomorrow we will lose another day

I waste my time like I always have
Iím saving up for the unaccountable

Oh better yet, Iíll buy my new shoes now
Hauling ass, before I lose myself another day


Gsus2                     A
I feel like Iíve done you so much wrong
Gsus2                    Bm
Iíll hide out until this day is gone
Gsus2                     A
Iíll fill in the blanks I hear you say.
Gsus2     Bm        Gsus2 A
Itís o.k, Iím lazy, flown away.