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Ready To Run Chords

Sinead Quinn - Ready to run
From: Ready to run (2003)

Eb                                  Ab
I could lie here with you all day long
                Gm              Ab
Hearing your weird sounding ways
Eb                                Ab
I wonder what goes through your head
             Gm                Ab
I wish I could know what you say
Bb                        Fm
I'm safe with you in my arms
              Gm                 Cm
I hold on to you, you keep me strong
Eb                   Gm    Eb                 Bb
Your bones don't fit mine, we're on borrowed time

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Bb        Cm/G       Ab       Eb
Who knows where you're going to
Bb        Cm/G       Ab                 Eb
'Cos this world ain’t good enough for you
Bb        Cm/G       Ab       Eb
Who know why things go so wrong
Bb        Cm/G       Fm       Cm/G
All I know is when you're leaving
            Eb Bb Eb
I'm ready to   run,    ready to run to you

Eb                           Ab
Where have you been to all day?
           Gm          Ab
Was it the other side?
Eb                               Ab
I'm in awe as you look round the room
               Gm                 Ab
Could those be angels in your eyes?
Bb              Fm             Gm                 Cm
My heart will bleed at the thought you will leave me
Eb                Gm    Eb                      Bb
My soul needs you here, don't make me face my fear...


Let me breath for you
Let me speak for you
Take me with you
Just take me with you
Who are you talking to?
What you going through
It does me in when the panic sets in...


(Tabbed by SandraM
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