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Understand My Feelings Tab

Claudio Quina - Understand My Feelings

first verse
the sun is shining in these days
don't you know, i'm ok
    gm           d#        D
and you, what's wrong with you?

second verse
all this time i beg to you
give back my live, but you baby
you, only you

Cm          Bb
undstand baby, my feelings
    gm          d#
are growing, is too late
Cm                        Bb
you don't had belived, and noW
Baby eee
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      Bb            dm
i can live with you baby
     Cm       Bb
this time has come
  Bb           dm
i find another lady
     Cm          Bb
that give me the love
    Cm                  dm
the love that you don't give me
    d#                   dm
the words that you don't tell me
    Cm                  dm        d#
the sins that you don't show me

   Bb   dm           dm
So baby understand my feelings
The sun is shinning for me in these days
this love that i fell is in biginning
but i canĀ“t give you another chance

same as the first:

don't worry! you gonna find
your love somewhere in this place
but baby look what you do

repet the second verse

Claudio Quina