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Claudio Quina - I Could Never Hide

G|-----0----0-----     X4  

C    G                    Am
War, word that is not for me
  Em                   F
i think that we should be
     C              G
more friends of the others

pain, word that make me insane
look the blood in your veins
it's red, like your brothers 

Dm               C         G
now tell me your reasons to kill
in this world could not be real
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         C         G          Am
one more day, that you let me live
        Em               F 
so much things i want to give
   C      G 
to you my brother

cause i love, live in this world
it is the place where i belong
i Am a lover

Am           Em        F                 F G Am
i just don't know if tomorrow i'm alive
Am        Em         F                F G Dm
evan if i run away i could never hide

Dm        C          G
I have my reasons to live
Dm       C              G
all this love i have to give

suffering, it's the price we have to pay
when our choice is just stay
in the place that we love

but in other hand, we have the hapiness
of our friends, i must confess
it's so good be loved