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What A Life Chords

Capo on first fret

A                                E
There's a man down my street     every morning wakes up late
D                                     A     E
when he wakes up      he sees what he's become
A                                  E
slaps his shoes on his feet        shuts the door and leaves
D                               A        E
working his whole life         oh what a life
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D                                A
we believe that heaven's gone    to a place we don't belong
F#m                               E
in a song that makes us sad      in a world that's going mad
D                               A
we believe in what we want      cuz it hurts us to be wrong
if i break before it ends   in my heart of hearts
I hope you'll understand

A                                      E
there's a school up my street          with some kids i know
                    D          A             E
as blameless the snow          the falling snow
Then a man half insane

shoots up half the school before taking his own 

A              E
oh what a life


(background singers A)    E....
 3x (wake me up when all the people wanna change) .....

these cops are on the streets there's people breaking into stores
the sky is falling all around us, and there's one place left to go
cuz i believe in something better, something we were born to receive
and i don't care what anyone says cuz i believe