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Just For Love Part One Chords

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Just For Love [Part One]
(Dino Valenti)

from Just For Love, 1970

         Gm	        Bb            F
Just for love, like the wings of some high-flying bird,
       Gm           Bb                   F
Of the songs I will sing to you, you can hear every word,
Eb                D            Eb D
That I ever heard come to you.
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Of the people I've been, of the visions I have seen,
Of the things I think about, of situations that I can hear sometimes,
And the places I have been at times, just trying to be,

Eb                           D         Eb  D
These things can only happen once in a lifetime,
These things can only matter here if you have time.
Someone will touch you softly and it will be me,
Someone will call your name and then come to me, free.

Eb          D     Eb               D
Free as the wind, free as the rain falling,
Free as the night, free as nature calling ...

[Part Two]

        Gm              Bb            F
Now the songs have been sung, all the games have been played,
Gm            Bb       F                Eb
This love has won over all masquerades, it's the end of charades,
D           Eb          D
I love you, I love you, I love you.

by Dann Butterfield
email comments or corrections to butterf@mcmaster.ca