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I Dont Believe In Love Tab

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Subject:  "I don't believe in love" / Queensryche

"I don't believe in love" by Queensryche
Tabbed by Mark van 't Zet (tmvtzet@cs.vu.nl)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/q/queensryche/i_dont_believe_in_love_tab_ver_2.html ]
Note: This is not very accurate as I did it off some REALLY old
tape I had.. The reason I posted this is that someone requested me!
Even the lyrics were inaudible, so don't expect them to be right

INTRO (and CHORUS backing as well)



Dsus2    xx0230
Bb sus2  xx0311
Csus2    xx0533

 Dsus2           Bb sus2                   Csus2
I walk on impact under surveillance of the camera eye
 Bb sus2
searching high and low

Followed by this bit